Sell out all of your events, every time 

And HavE Sponsors Chasing You!

Are you waking at 3am each morning with night sweats, freaking out over the event you've been planning for months having low, or no, ticket sales?


Running events with no profit that actually end up costing you or your client money?


Can't land enough (or any) sponsors for your event? (And the ones you do land are low value and hard work?)


Want to run your own event but don't want to end up in the red?


Scared to invest money in advertising your event incase it doesn't work?


Having to hand out free tickets to people, who should be paying to attend, at the last minute to save the event from looking like a fizzer?


It doesn't have to be like that...there is an easier way...

Learn how to market your events so that people and sponsors want to be a part of it.

Over the past 25 years in the field as an event manager I’ve been involved in it all - the good, the bad and the ugly - from events that 10 people show up to through to events with thousands of attendees, and after all that time and hundreds of events, I cracked the steps to follow when planning an event that would result in next-level, sold out events, over and over again.


If you'd like to create events that sell out every time and have sponsors clambering to partner with you and you don't have 25 years to waste figuring it out for yourself, then you're in a good place!


This membership shows you the EXACT approach I use every time I run an event.


EEMC is not a "BASICS" course, I'm not going to tell you how to write a budget or book a face-painter.


This is membership program for event planners that are sick of working 16 hours a day on events that gets poor attendance, has low quality sponsors and stuff all profit. If you want a full house at your next event this membership program will show you how.


Here’s just some of what's included:


  • The biggest change you can make that will make the most impact on your event attendance. Doing this will transform your event. I'll teach you how to make that change and show you how to take your event from slow to sold out.
  • How to structure your sponsorship offering to have quality sponsors with big budgets clambering to sponsor your events. I've generated tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for small regional events using this method.
  • How to price your event to maximise attendance, maximise profit and what revenue streams you should be using, including a secret revenue stream most event managers don't know about that will push your event into profit almost immediately. I'll also introduce you to the pricing strategy I used to get a 600% increase in event attendance.
  • Learn the exact framework I've used to successfully promote events for high attendance for the past decade. This marketing framework generated over $1.5 million dollars in revenue for one organisation.
  • ​How to guarantee your event marketing will work before outlaying any money on advertising. Wouldn't you feel more comfortable finding money for advertising if you KNEW it would work? I'll show you how to do this.
  • Get access to live support calls from event marketing specialists to help you brainstorm, review and provide feedback on event advertising so that you don't waste your cash on ads that don't convert.


"Our numbers are up 40% on last year

since we started working with Bek and her team and we'd like to keep increasing that."


DARRYL JOHANNSON - Vantage Corporate Events

Who's Running This Thing?

I’m Bek Kelly

Event Manager with over 25 Years Experience and Founder of event marketing company Shampain Jane.

I've managed all types of events - from small community fairs, New Years Eve parties, large scale graduation ceremonies, corporate trainings, art shows through to formal sit down dinners, award shows and large public festivals working on events for ;

Coca-Cola Amatil, Skycity Entertainment Group, Commander, SA Water Corporation and the Langhorne Creek Wine Region including events like Bob Dylan's tour of Australia, Cirque Du Soleil, Adelaide Fringe, Crush Wine Festival, Winter Reds Wine Festival, Cheesefest, The Tour Down Under , Clare Valley Gourmet Festival, Adelaide Festival of The Arts and The Color Run.


Over the past 25 years I developed a process that would consistently sell out events and have sponsors approaching me - on one occasion I increased event attendance by 600% with no additional event budget spend and on another occasion bringing in 20,000 attendees (and multiple 6 figures in revenue) with one low cost marketing strategy that you can do too. And I perfected a way of getting quality relevant sponsors for my events without cold calling!


The EEMC membership has been created from these processes that have been successfully used time and time again.



Do you want sell outs, plentiful sponsorships and profit from your events?


If so EEMC is for you.

From My Customers:

Bek reinvigorated the marketing behind a key regional event for us, increasing event attendance by 600%. For the first time ever the event ran a profit.




Heather Day

Not for Profit Committee Chair - TRWR

The Color Run event we recently ran had 150 different large groups involved on the day, which for a first time event (for us, a small school) was more than we expected. Thank you for your help! 


Vanessa Belis

Event Manager - St Michaels School

With Bek's help we ran a $2000 mini-event that generated $18,000 in sales and 180 new customers. I've advised the management team we will be following her process from now on.

Helen Fedel

Entrepreneur - Pizza Place

 Get Over $3187 In Value Today


Number One Strategy - I'll show you the change to make to your process that will most impact whether or not your event will be successful. Never plan an event that doesn't work again!

VALUE: $497


Get More Sponsors - I'll show you how to approach sponsors so they will jump at the chance to be involved with your event, year on year.

VALUE: $347


The Event Marketing Framework - Learn the exact framework I've used to successfully promote events for high attendance for the past decade. This marketing framework generated over $1.5 million dollars in revenue for one organisation.

VALUE: $997


Pricing - How to price your event to maximise attendance, maximise profit and what revenue streams you should you consider (including the secret revenue stream most event managers don't use.)

VALUE: $597


It Works - How to guarantee your event marketing will work before outlaying any money on advertising. Wouldn't you feel more comfortable finding money for advertising if you KNEW it would work? I'll show you how to do this.

VALUE - $320


LIVE Support - Get access to weekly live support calls from event marketing specialists to review and fix your advertising campaign.

VALUE - $683





BONUS - Mindset - Successful events start with a successful mindset. There's a whole unit dedicated to setting up your mindset for success.



BONUS – Templates - Get STACKS of templates, tips and guides to use in your event advertising campaigns.

VALUE: $99


BONUS - Facebook Ads - Learn how to use Facebook like the Pro's do in this bonus crash course, so that the FB ads you run for your events get the results you want (hint: it doesn't involve boosting posts).

VALUE: $149


BONUS - No Chase Sponsorship - I'll show you the process for you to follow that brought in tens of thousands of dollars in sponsorship without having to chase sponsors. Make them come to you!

VALUE: $397


Event Explosion


per month

no contracts/cancel anytime

  • The Big Change That Sells Tickets

  • Attract Quality Sponsors

  • Pricing for Profit

  • Live Support

  • Stacks of Bonuses

  • The Event Marketing Framework

Frequently Asked Questions


Is this program for me? Time is the most valuable commodity we have...there really is only a limited amount of it available to us. If you're serious about improving the attendance at the events that you run and you don't want to spend 25 years discovering it for yourself, Event Explosion is for you.


How long do I get access to the program for? The program and live support runs for 8 weeks however you will also get access to the course material for 6 months. There is an option to join a Mastermind program after the 8week program is where you will continue to get access to material, calls and live support from experts.


What type of events does this framework work for? This program is suitable for all events.


Is this for professional event managers or volunteer workers? This program is for anyone who is serious about  selling tickets for their events and attracting quality sponsors to their events year on year. If you're sick of planning events and then struggling to get attendance and sponsors then this will change your life.


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